Rock 'n' Roll: The Legendary Years By Time Life

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144 of the greatest rock 'n' roll classics in one historic collection! Ringo Starr loves this collection, and so will you. You'll get all the biggest, most important hits from the decade that started the rock 'n' roll revolution. Now the beat, the power, the pure rock 'n' roll that changed the world forever is captured in this incredible, legendary years collection. 144 original hits by the original artists that have been digitally re-mastered for the best sound! Listen to artists from the years 1954 - 1964. You will also receive a free bonus DVD with vintage clips and interviews. Product includes: Rock 'n' Roll: The Legendary Years 4 CD's. BONUS: The History of Rock 'n' Roll: Rock 'n' Roll Explodes/Good Rockin' DVD.

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